Goblin Explosioneers

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Goblin Explosioneers

The Unstable Goblin Explosioneers ({R}{G}) are Bablovian goblin tinkerers that experiment with lots of crazy ideas, many of which explode.[1] They breed fast enough to not wipe out their race. The Goblin Explosioneers came into being when the goblin workers took control of Steamflogger Industries. Their government is part kraterocracy, rule of the strong, part kakistocracy, rule of the stupid, and part democracy. Sometimes, a goblin will just boldly do something and others will follow. Other times, they'll actually vote on things. They are obsessed with hammers, so whichever side promises more hammers usually wins any vote. The current alpha goblin is Ol' Buzzbark. He's very destructive and thus quite popular among the Explosioneers.[2]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The Goblin Explosioneers Contraptions do one of three things:

  1. They enhance creatures in a way that encourages attacking.
  2. They cause chaotic things to happen.
  3. They have effects based on rolling two six-sided dice and caring about the difference.

These effects tend to play into the chaotic nature of the Goblins.[3]

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