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Race Human
Birthplace Sokenzan, Kamigawa
Lifetime unknown
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa, Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa, Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa

Godo (Japanese: () (どう) ; rōmaji: Godō) was a human warlord of the sanzoku bandits in the Sokenzan mountain range on the plane of Kamigawa. No one knows the ronin's first name.

Godo's great-grandfather was a scout who used a Skyfire Kirin in the form of a magical sword to take control of his bandit tribe.[1] When his parents perished in the Ganzan Pass, Godo was left in the mountains alone. He grew up into a mountain of a man and united the scattered sanzoku gangs under his leadership. He used a mountain yak as his mount. His weapon of choice was a "Tenza", a great wooden log on chains, studded by long nails.

Godo sent two of his lieutenants, the brothers Yamazaki, to Hidetsugu to ask about the chances of their military campaign against Konda. Later, Godo was visited by Hidetsugu, who gave him a tile with the imprisoned Yuki-onna and advised him to use her against Konda's men. Godo did as the ogre said, but the Yuki-onna's power was too great, and she started to prey upon his own men as well. In the end, Godo faced the Yuki-onna himself. A mere moments before she would kill him, the Yuki-onna was pulled back to her original reign by Toshiro Umezawa's doing.

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