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Race Kitsune
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime ~3700 AR
'Champions of Kamigawa vignettes

Golden-Tail (Japanese: (きん) () () ; rōmaji: Kin-no-O) was a taciturn kitsune kensei, meaning master swordsman. Even the best kitsune samurai were honored to call him their sensei. He taught both the art of the blade and the art of using defensive weapons, such as the jitte.

Though seemingly dancing and playful to human eyes when fighting, Golden-Tail was considered somber by his own kind. When the Kami War began, he ran all the way to Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, the highest kitsune priest, to seek his counsel. When he returned, he did not say a word, but redoubled his efforts to train his kin in the art of the blade. Without his training, the kitsune casualties during the war would have been much higher.

Sometime after the Kami War, an Academy named -Golden-Tail Academy- after him was created to train samurai who would join the Imperial Court.[1]

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