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Golden Argosy
Origin Dominaria
Status Unknown

The Golden Argosy was a legendary Keldon longship that was perched atop the Keldon Necropolis on Dominaria.


It was prophesied that at the coming of the Keldon Twilight, Golden Argosy would transport the risen champions of Keld to the final battlefield. However, when the Twilight actually took place, Golden Argosy instead rescued the living Keldon warriors from the freezing waters that had engulfed the battlefield, as well as the Skyshroud elves that had been aiding them. It then transported them to Urborg, where the most crucial battle of the Phyrexian Invasion was taking place. The vessel traveled impossibly fast to Urborg and, upon disembarking, the passengers' memories of the journey faded like it was a dream. Having fulfilled its destiny, Golden Argosy departed and was not seen again.