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Plane Shadowmoor
Part of Douns

Mistmeadow was a doun, a kithkin settlement on the plane of Shadowmoor. The doun was led by cenn Molla Welk, and its protector was Jack Chierdagh, the Hero of Mistmeadow. Jack became the Mistmeadow hero when he successfully completed the task to drive Rosheen Meanderer's rampage away from the doun.

Later, Mistmeadow was attacked by Ashling the Destroyer. Though the doun was partially destroyed, the damage was not so great because of the involvement of Brigid Baeli and her shapewater brigade. Ashling herself was repelled from the doun by the sacrifice of Vigilant Eidren of the Wilt Leaf, who channeled forest magic through his body to hurl her away. Following the slaughter of whole Kinscaer population by Oona, Mistmeadow might have become the new kithkin "capital", but that is uncertain.

Mistmeadows Lorwyn counterpart is Goldmeadow.

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