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Gonti's Night Market
Plane Kaladesh
Part of Ghirapur

Gonti's Night Market on Kaladesh is Ghirapur's only permanent night market.


The parts of Bomat located on the outside banks of the river Suramal, away from the bulk of the city, are sparsely populated and little traveled, making them ideal for the sorts of activities best performed away from watchful eyes. On the far bank of the river is Gonti's Night Market, located inside abandoned energy plants left behind from the age before the Great Aether Boom. The market is sort of an open secret in Ghirapur, never openly advertised, of course, but easy enough to find for those looking for it, and to avoid for those who would rather not stumble into it. Gonti's is the largest and most reliable source of contraband aether, which is siphoned from nearby aether refinement plants and warehouses. Aetherborn crime lords have a virtual stranglehold on the market's supply and sale of aether, but renegade inventors who feel they need more aether than Consulate allotments allow would rather rely on the whim of these aetherborn than life under the thumb of the Consulate.

Renegade inventors who come to Gonti's to purchase aether often stay to hawk their own contraband inventions. Sales are brisk, and after the market closes as the sun clears the horizon, excited customers often linger to hold impromptu races and other contests to test their new purchases. The sounds of engines and cheers echo across the Suramal bank long into the morning hours.[1]