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Gosta Dirk
Race Human
Birthplace Kusho, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4150 AR

Gosta Dirk was a warrior born on Kusho, on the plane of Dominaria.[1]


He was the man around which the inhabitants of Kusho gathered in times of crisis. He was a very strong man, but his physical strength was more than matched by his magical abilites, which he could use to summon tidal waves or powerful storms to protect Kusho from invaders.

Kusho didn't have a single ruler, but when the island was in peril, its tribes would follow the strongest tribal leader. When Lady Caleria roused the Edemi Islands against the Empire of Madara, this person was Gosta, for he was the most powerful mage on the island, and he had made an alliance with Kasimir the Lone Wolf, its strongest warrior.

Gosta fought valiantly against the kentsu invaders, but fell ill after Ramses Overdark had Halfdane poison Kusho's mana lines. With the help of Ayesha Tanaka and Lord Magnus, Kusho was liberated and cleansed.

Presumably Gosta joined Caleria's campaign to demand reparations from Madara afterwards.


In prerevisionist continuity Gosta was the valiant defender of his family when pirates attacked his shores.[2]

In-game references[]

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