Grand Coliseum

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The Grand Coliseum was a major attraction on Otaria run by the Cabal.

Following Cabal City's destruction the Cabal pits were lost. Therefore, the Cabal Patriarch organized the construction of a new, even larger coliseum near Aphetto. It was overseen by Phage and was designed to attract visitors from across the continent to witness its games.

It hosted such legendary fighters as Arcanis the Omnipotent, Jareth, Leonine Titan, Rorix Bladewing,[1] Silvos, Rogue Elemental and Visara the Dreadful.[2][3] Although the Cabal itself was thoroughly, unequivocally black-aligned, the Coliseum's nature as a gathering place for people of many different lands infused it with all colors of mana.

After Phage found the spot for the Coliseum, she used a chemical to turn the swamp bottom into cement. Thus clearing the water and making canals for easy transport.

After Kuberr's death, the magic that helped it not sink into the swamp was lost. Its current status is unknown.

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