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The Great Magus War was a nearly 600-year-long battle of mages, including planeswalkers.[1]

History[ | ]

The war took place mostly on Antausia due to its powerful, untutored magic. The battle was one of good vs. evil as mages who exploited the magic for their own gain were confronted by vigilantes trying to keep them in check.

The people of the Open Lands tried to protect themselves from spurious battles by fortifying their lands to keep the magi out. Unfortunately, it only attracted more mages.

In the interest of the inhabitants of the plane, many mages chose to have their battles staged in the wastes of Farreach. The magic of the plane became more resistant here and often worked against its wielder.

After nearly six hundred years, mages managed to make it so difficult for one another to battle that the war couldn't continue. In the wake of the war, Antausia had become a very different place broken into eight realms separated by a vortex. Even though the war is over, mages continue to battle there, perhaps because that's all they know to do there.

Participants[ | ]

Exploiting mages Peacekeeping mages

References[ | ]

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