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The Great Wood is a forest on the plane of Ulgrotha; it lies at the western base of the Koskun Mountains, effectively separating them from Aysen.

When the Apocalypse Chime left the rest of the planet a barren wasteland, this section of the world grew and flowered due to the mana rift created by the Ancient defeated by Ravi. Creatures continued to live and die in their same cycles as they always had; even some of the creatures not native to the world that had actually survived the war managed to survive and flourish in the alien environment.

When Feroz's Ban was put into place, the normal flow of energy that flowed through this plane was hindered. It still flowed in at the same rate, but left at a much slower rate, like a stream that has been damned. The trees grew at an incredible rate, and the forest became healthy and incredibly fertile. The number of creatures and monsters within the Wood kept most of the other survivors of the Great War clear of the forest, and the place was mostly unmolested by outsiders. In every forest, there is an aura of sorts, a sense of presence between the trees. When the Ban started up, the aura in the Great Wood increased, to the point where it became sentient and gained a physical manifestation, becoming an avatar of the Wood itself. Autumn Willow, the ruler of the Great Wood, was born.

Sometime after the foundation of Aysen, citizens dissatisfied with the increasing bureaucracy of the country left to build new homes. They settled in the wood, founding the pioneer towns. When the Autumn Willow saw that the settlers were good people, she opened up a path for them between the Koskun Mountains and their main settlement, a town called An-Havva, and kept a keen guard over it with her creatures. A huge river courses through the middle of the Great Wood, fast and full of rapids. Where it intersects the Lady's Path, the Autumn Willow had her faeries build a large bridge.[1]



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