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as of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
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Gremlin is a black and red creature type that, which for most of Magic's history was exclusively Phyrexian until the Kaladesh block. Gremlins have an inclination to damage or dismantle machinery.[1]

Phyrexian Gremlins[]

Two types of gremlins have been seen, with one type from each incarnation of Phyrexia: the Phyrexian Gremlins from the original plane and the Flensermite from Mirrodin.[2][3] The original Phyrexian gremlins were the same type of being as ouphes, and were amidst the original inhabitants of their plane before Yawgmoth arrived, later being repurposed into menial labour units and artifact reprocessors.

Kaladeshi Gremlins[]

Unlike the Black-aligned Phyrexian gremlins, Kaladeshi gremlins are primarily Red-aligned. They are non-sapient, six-limbed, vaguely anteater- or aardvark-like creatures that feed on aether, dismantling artifacts to get it.[4] Their saliva is corrosive, allowing them to breach through metal hulls to reach their food. When they feed they glow in a faint blue color. As a side effect of their extremely messy feeding, much of the aether is liberated back into the environment. Thus gremlins embody the "liberate" step of the Aether Cycle. Their crucial role is often undervalued by the former owners of their meals.[5]

Gremlins breed during the warm season. Their young are called grubs.

Ikorian Gremlins[]

Ikorian gremlins are also red aligned. They are muscled monsters with large protruding filaments along their spine. These gremlins are able to spit fire (Blisterspit Gremlin).


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Gremlin Red Creature — Gremlin 2/2
Heroes of the Realm
Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Gremlin Red Creature — Gremlin 2/2


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