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Grist, Voracious Larva
Race Insect Planeswalker
Birthplace Undisclosed
Lifetime Unknown
Currently: {B}{G}
Modern Horizons 2

Grist, known as the Hunger Tide, is an insect planeswalker from an undisclosed plane.[1]

Appearance and characteristics[ | ]

Grist creates an essence that inhabits insect swarms on the planes she travels to.[2] When Grist planeswalks, there is a bright flash of light in the sky, a harbinger for farmers of the coming plague of insects. The same flash happens when she planeswalks away. Grist has access to black and green mana.[3]

Each enemy devoured by Grist creates a stronger swarm, as she not only feeds on bodies but magical potency as well. Perhaps the spark she uses to travel from world to world belonged to one of her countless victims ...[4]

The Song of Grist[ | ]

“  The hunger tide sweeps across the land, calling us forth from slumber. A great noise shall rise from the earth as many mouths cry out for sustenance. Countless wings will darken the skies and famine's teeth shall strip the flesh from the bones of the world. Let all this and more come to pass, that our children may partake of the endless feast.[1]  ”

Story[ | ]

Endless Hunger[ | ]

For years, Grist had traveled the planes, arriving at locations where vegetation was ready for consumption. After about a week, she would summon a swarm of biblical proportions from the local host of insects and would lead the swarm to a feast that would leave the land dry as a bone. At times, she would call the swarm into a condensed form acting as one, creating the illusion of a horrible zombie-like creature. Kamigawa and Eldraine were two such locations ravaged by Grist.[3]

Ajani meets Grist

Ajani meets Grist

Tamiyo, noticing similar stories across the Multiverse of large numbers of insects that devastated farming communities, sought out Ajani Goldmane to help her solve the mystery of the flashes that appeared before and after each of these events. Ajani searched the swarm for a soul with a spark, and in this way, he discovered and spoke with Grist. Just as Ajani was unaware such planeswalkers existed as Grist, Grist had been unaware that humans/humanoids were people or that she had been hurting them. Tamiyo suggested Grist and her swarm feed on the Wilds of Eldraine instead of the fields planted by the hurting village of Mossverge, and Grist agreed to relocate the feast, as well as not eat the bark from the trees so that the leaves would regrow in time. Ajani and Tamiyo agreed that Grist had committed no crime yet, but that if she resumed knowingly destroying fields constructed by people, they would then know whether she could be trusted. For now, Grist is a friend.[3]

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