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Race Insect Planeswalker
Birthplace Undisclosed
Lifetime Unknown
Currently: {B}{G}
Modern Horizons 2

Grist, known as the Hunger Tide, is an insect planeswalker from an undisclosed plane.

Appearance and characteristics[]

Grist is an insect, or possibly the collective conscience of a swarm of insects.[1]

Mark Rosewater supposes that whenever Grist planeswalks, she takes insects of the new world to create a body out of them.[2]

Grist is referred to as she/her, likely indicating her status as the queen of the swarm she controls.[3] Grist had access to black and green mana.

The Song of Grist[]

“  The hunger tide sweeps across the land, calling us forth from slumber. A great noise shall rise from the earth as many mouths cry out for sustenance. Countless wings will darken the skies and famine's teeth shall strip the flesh from the bones of the world. Let all this and more come to pass, that our children may partake of the endless feast.[1]  ”



In-game references[]

Represented in:


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