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Race Minotaur
Birthplace Hurloon, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4205 AR
Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse

Commander Grizzlegom was the Hurloon minotaur that led part of the Coalition forces during the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria.


He and his people had been subdued by the Phyrexians following the Rathi Overlay and were due to be mutated into Phyrexian warriors, but were rescued by Tahngarth and the Weatherlight crew, who took the minotaur army to Urborg to aid in the assault on the Stronghold. There, Grizzlegom met with Agnate and Dralnu and the three commanders coordinated their strike.

However, the triumvirate broke down when Agnate realized that Dralnu had infected him with a plague so he could zombify the metathran commander and take over his forces. Agnate revealed this to Grizzlegom, then signed his command over to the minotaur and had Grizzlegom kill him to stop him becoming Dralnu's minion. Afterwards, Grizzlegom took his evidence to the metathran second-in-command and confronted Dralnu, who tried to accuse Grizzlegom of Agnate's murder. In order to settle the dispute, the two commanders submitted themselves to the judgment of the metathran, who sided with Grizzlegom, executed Dralnu and routed his undead army as well. This left Grizzlegom in sole command of the Coalition forces in Urborg and so he resumed the charge against the Phyrexians.

During the Urborg fight, Grizzlegom was devoured by a Phyrexian gargantua. Thanks to his great physical might and his sharp horns, he was able to tear out from the monster's belly and survive. The short exposition to the gargantua's stomach acids, however, bleached sections of his hide and curved and twisted his mighty horns, making him look like Tahngarth's twin brother. His original appearance can be seen in "Allied Strategies".

Grizzlegom was soon joined in his attack by another Coalition leader: Eladamri. The elvish warrior arrived on the Golden Argosy alongside an army of Skyshroud elves and Keldon warriors, who merged with the metathran and minotaur forces and pushed towards the volcano that held the Stronghold. However, they were unable to breach the Stronghold itself, so Grizzlegom and Eladamri were forced to entrench their armies and try to find an alternative way to breach the fortress. They happened upon the stone dwarves, who were independently trying to destroy the Stronghold by causing the volcano it was located in to erupt. Eladamri made an alliance with the dwarves which enabled him, Grizzlegom, Liin Sivi and part of their army to raid the Stronghold using the tunnel that the dwarves had carved. They destroyed Portcullis and then entered the Stronghold itself, where they met with the Weatherlight crew, who were on a similar raid, and with Gerrard, Squee and Urza who had been trapped in the throne-room. All of them were then forced to flee to Weatherlight when Yawgmoth came to Dominaria through the portal to Phyrexia in the throne-room.

After escaping the volcano, Grizzlegom and his fellow infantrymen were set down so they could do their duty by fighting against Yawgmoth's legion of mud-men in the final battle of the Apocalypse. He fought alongside Lord Windgrace, who, as Yawgmoth's death cloud descended across Urborg, transported the remaining minotaurs back to Hurloon so they could die fighting for their homeland. However, Grizzlegom and his comrades were saved from certain death by the triggering of the Legacy, which seemingly destroyed Yawgmoth before he could descend and eradicate them.

One year later, Grizzlegom joined the other heroes of Dominaria for the opening of the Martyrs' Tomb.

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