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Race Elf
Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown
Lorwyn, Morningtide, and Eventide

Gryffid was an elvish hunter of the Gilt Leaf tribe. He used to be a second-in-command of daen Rhys of Hemlock pack. After Rhys used non-standard sources as a backup plan in the elvish campaign (two giants), he was punished and Gryffid was elevated to Rhys's rank.



Gryffid was one of the only three survivors of the ill-fated elvish attack at the boggart feast in Porringer Valley that ended with Rhys' poison blast. Taercenn Nath found Gryffid and offered him a deal - swear allegiance to him, be healed, and rewarded, or not and become a vinebred warrior. Gryffid swore allegiance to Nath and became his second-in-command. Both of them agreed on a crucial task - to eliminate Rhys, the eyeblight, the kinslayer.

Both ambushed Rhys later in Kinsbaile, and in the resulting hunt, things came to a duel between Rhys and Nath, ending with Nath's death at the hands of Rhys. Gryffid arranged a funeral pyre for the fallen taercenn and swore that he would hunt Rhys down and get the revenge for the taercenn's death - even if he should destroy half of Lorwyn to achieve that.

Later, Gryffid was approached by his new commander, Eidren of Lys Alana. Gryffid had trouble respecting Eidren as a leader, seeing him as an artist instead of a warrior. He also doubted his ability to know the price of a warrior's life and sacrifice. When Eidren revealed that he became half-vinebred just to boost his performance to be able to serve as a Gilt Leaf general, Gryffid learned to respect him. Gryffid spent most of the time until the Great Aurora hunting Rhys under Eidren's leadership. When he finally caught Rhys, Eidren dismissed Gryffid and made Rhys an offer to return to the Gilt Leaf, much to Gryffid's dismay. Then the Great Aurora came.


After the Great Aurora, Gryffid served as a First Safewright of the Wilt Leaf, under the command of Vigilant Eidren. During the battle of Mistmeadow, Gryffid saw Rhys transported away from the battle by fae (upon Maralen's orders), and considered it treachery. When Eidren sacrificed his life to protect Mistmeadow, Gryffid swore to bring back the traitor for judgment. However, the first priority was transporting Eidren's remains to Cayr Ulios. Upon arrival to Cayr Ulios, Gryffid was approached by heralds of Oona, who was present to make a pact with the Wilt Leaf king and queen. The royalty thanked him for bringing Eidren's remains back and elevated him to the rank of First Vigilant. Gryffid expressed his concern about the Wilt Leaf serving Oona, but he was quickly persuaded by Oona's demonstration as the supreme beauty of Shadowmoor, an entity worth protecting most of all. He and his team were sent to protect Glen Elendra.

In the final hours of the war, his troops ambushed Rhys, the Sapling, and Ashling, who came to destroy Oona. Rhys talked Gryffid out of attacking, his words also reinforced by the arrival of Kiel, who singlehandedly outnumbered the elves one too many. Rhys revealed Oona's intent, and Gryffid hesitantly backed off and hurried to protect Cayr Ulios. His team found the city elfless, and in the throne room, they found the king and queen, along with all their guards and courtiers, suspended by Oona's magic draining vines. Gryffid, knowing that their lives were forfeit, sacrificed himself to break the main link between Oona and the royal pair, a conduit that drained the whole city's elf magic and delivered it to Oona. When he sundered the main vine, the surge of magical energy immolated him along with the king and queen. His action deprived Oona of the Cayr Ulios magic and maybe led to her defeat at the hands of Maralen and her company.

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