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The Guildless, Gateless or Unguilded are all people on Ravnica that aren't part of one of the ten Ravnican guilds.


They are for example shopkeepers, storytellers or mobsters.[1][2][3] About half of Ravnica's population is guildless, and the proportion gets higher the farther you get away from the city's center and into "rural" areas.[4][5] There are also discrepancies in race: nearly all elves belong to one of the guilds, but nearly all goblins are guildless.


In the first Ravnica block the guildless had no identity, but this changed for the second block.[6][7][8]

The Gateless Movement[]

“  The Gateless have risen. The Ten shall fall  ”

Out of the Guildless emerged the Gateless Movement, a rebellious faction that actively resisted the Guilds.

When the Guilds of Ravnica reformed after the collapse of the Guildpact, they were afflicted by seemingly random acts of violence.[9] Investigations revealed that these atrocious acts were being carried out by Ravnicans who refused to join a guild and to adhere to some ancient guildmaster's creed. Graffiti in the Ninth District soon alluded to these people as the Gateless, people who were proud to never enter a gate.

Boros Firemanes led a victorious assault on the rebels and now the Gateless have marked their leader Nevena for death. Some Angels that didn't agree with the assault deserted to the Gateless. Freemages also joined the rebels.

The Cult of Yore[]

The Cult of Yore is a secret guildless group which worships the old gods of Ravnica, the Nephilim.[10]

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