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Gurias of Tolaria was a young wizard from the Smoke Mountains of Aerona, on Dominaria.

He was a lad of average height and face, with strawberry-blond curls and limp moustache. He wore a red hose and a doublet of brocaded blue, with a blue hat and red feather. He had limited knowledge of lightning and strength-draining spells. Between his possessions, there was a magic cudgel, which could beat people on its own.

He used to say that he came from Tolaria, even if he had never visited that place. He was an apprentice of Tobias, an old wizard in the hills, but grew quickly bored with all the study required. He descended in the valley below and started bullying the inhabitants of a village near the town of Bywater, demanding their money, food, and horses.

When Greensleeves was alerted of Gurias' actions, she came to help the villagers and quickly subdued the inexperienced wizard, tagging him with the Stone Brain.

Later, he became one of the wizards that attacked Greensleeves' Grove. After seeing him kill one of her bodyguards, Greensleeves lost her temper and blasted him with a Ball Lightning.[1]

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