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Guul Draz
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Plane Zendikar
Formerly part of Makindi Empire

Guul Draz is one of the seven continents of Zendikar.[1] It is separated from Bala Ged by a giant marsh.

This is a humid region of teeming lagoons, and tangled, fetid swamps. Humans and merfolk do great business on the waters, and it's the homeland of the non-native[2] Zendikar vampires. Predators stalk the wilds, and traps are hidden in mangrove jungles and around settlements. The rancid waterways that twist into the vast marshes and swamps conceal predators and plagues. There are more ruin sites here than elsewhere.

Notable locations[]

  • Malakir, the most well-developed city on Zendikar. Divided into five districts, each named after the vampire family that controls it.
    • Nirkana District, built on the water.
    • Kalastria District, located on the highest ground. It is the oldest, wealthiest part of the city.
    • Emevera District, built in a low point in the city, but well protected by giant stone dykes.
    • Urnaav District, a mix of stone-paved roads and narrow canals, lying between the low point of Emevera District and the high ground of Kalastria District.
    • Ghet District, a flooded and impoverished part of the city.
  • The Hagra Cistern, a huge complex of ruins near Malakir, gradually sinking into the muck and water.
    • The Pelakka Karst, an area of badlands encircling the Cistern.
  • The Hanging Swamp, a giant sinkhole, north of the Hagra Cistern, with a floating swamp suspended above it in a glittering arc of water blobs connected by reeds.
  • The Free City of Nimana, a coastal city built by humans; the major port where slavers arrive and sell their wares.[3]
  • The Guul Draz Skyclave, a floating ruin of a fortress. Once destroyed by the Roil, but now risen from the swamps again.[4]

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