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Gwafa Hazid
Gwafa Hazid.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Bant, Alara
Lifetime Pre-Conflux

Born in Bant, Alara, Gwafa Hazid is a master merchant of the Grand Caravan who was influenced by Nicol Bolas into spreading rumors and swindling his fellow citizens whenever he can get away with it and spreading xenophobia.[1]


He's a shrewd businessman, always ending up on the gainful end of the deal, and he's constantly on the move, forever crisscrossing Bant to bring wagons full of merchandise to waiting customers. And Hazid's deals aren't always exactly to the letter of Bant's laws, yet whenever any not-quite-legal goods find their way onto one of his many caravans, his head never finds its way into the pillory for it. When border inspectors or Blessed-caste rulers look to constrict his actions, he persuades prying eyes to look elsewhere.

He wants more than what life gave him, and that's tantamount to sin in Bant's rigid caste hierarchy. He's drawn to reach higher and farther than the boundaries of his station, which gives him reason to lie, sneak, and buy off potential threats with some of his ample coins. By dangling the right promises in front of Hazid's ambitious mind, one might be able to sway him to perform even darker deeds on Bant.

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