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HASCON is a fan convention created by Hasbro to promote its various licensed properties, including Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Magic: The Gathering.

In-person conventions[ | ]

2017[ | ]

The first HASCON took place September 8–10, 2017, at the Rhode Island Convention Center at Providence, Rhode Island, USA.[1][2] It featured the reveal and prerelease of Iconic Masters.

Magic also kicked off its year-long 25th Anniversary celebration with a panel of Magic all-stars, exciting reveals, previews for Ixalan, and inside information with the 25th Anniversary Show. In addition, Mark Rosewater featured in Blogatog Live.[3]

Discontinuation[ | ]

HASCON was initially planned to be a bi-annual event. The next HASCON was announced to take place on September 6–8, 2019, again at the Rhode Island Convention Center at Providence, Rhode Island, USA.[4] However, it later was announced to be delayed with no new date set. According to Mark Rosewater, it would take place in 2020.[5] However, that was before the COVID-19 pandemic started and later that year he said that there were no plans in the works for the next event.[6]

Hascon promos[ | ]

2017[ | ]

The 2017 Hascon promos were three Magic silver-bordered cards made especially for HASCON 2017. They featured a mashup of Magic and three of the other Hasbro brands.[7][8][9][10] The promos were designed by Mark Heggen.[11]

2019[ | ]

Ponies: The Galloping is a three-card charity promotional card set for Magic: The Gathering released, that is a crossover Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise. It is possible that these were originally to be released at the cancelled 2019 event.

Hasbro PulseCon[ | ]

2020[ | ]

In lieu of any in-person convention during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hasbro held the first digital convention under the name of Hasbro PulseCon on September 25-26, 2020.[14][15] This event didn't feature exclusive products for Magic: The Gathering. In a panel, Mark Rosewater discussed behind-the-scenes stories and details about Zendikar Rising.

2021[ | ]

Hasbro PulseCon 2021 was a two-day virtual event on October 22nd & 23rd, for US, CAN & UK fans only.[16] Hasbro announced that there would be a number of exclusive items for sale and among them, the Secret Lair Drop Series: Purrfection.[17]

2022[ | ]

A two-day virtual event on September 30 - October 1, 2022.[18] Exclusive items for sale included a special Secret Lair drop featuring planeswalkers in Chibi style, Secret Lair Drop Series: Li’l’ler Walkers.

2023[ | ]

A virtual event on September 22, 2023. Exclusive items for sale included Secret Lair Drop Series: Li’l’est Walkers.

Gallery[ | ]

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