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Race Human
Birthplace Suq'Ata, Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime Born ~4146 AR, possibly still alive
Mirage, Visions

Hakim Loreweaver was a historian and wizard from Suq’Ata on Dominaria. A charming and knowledgeable man, but also a bit of a braggart, he was called Loreweaver for his gift in telling stories.[1]

Hakim could chronicle virtually anything, and his stories have earned just fame throughout the continent. Although Hakim was characterized by some as arrogant and a braggart, especially during conversation, he was kind and good-intentioned at heart. Always covered with some sort of enchantment, Hakim was a great collector of artifacts and curios. He flew around on an azure drake he claimed to have raised for many years.

Hakim was entrusted by the rulers of Suq'Ata to represent his country in the peace talks Mangara had organized between Zhalfir, Femeref and Suq'Ata.

Later, Hakim met with Asmira the Prophet, Rashida Scalebane and Sidar Jabari near the Zhalfirin capital Ki'pamu. Driven by dreams, none of them knew why they were there—except for Asmira. She explained that destiny was driving them to rescue Mangara, who was held in an Amber Prison in a palace deep in the Mwonvuli Jungle. Rashida formed an elite guard for the rescue mission with Asmira as the guard's guide, while Jabari and Hakim set about creating a sufficient distraction. When Kaervek's legions besieged the city of Tefemburu, Hakim kept the citizens’ spirits up by telling tales of ancient wonders; finally he began a new tale, of how the inhabitants of a city escaped a siege—a tale not even he had heard before, a tale rooted in a dream sent by the planeswalker Teferi. The tale wove a spell that caused the dark armies besieging the city to vanish completely at dusk, phasing them out of existence while the civilians escaped.

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