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Race Shapeshifter
Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime died ~3600AR
'Emperor's Fist, Champion's Trial'

Halfdane (also 'Dane) was a shapeshifter from Dominaria that was obsessed with his reflection. He was more intelligent than the Vesuvan doppelgangers who, like he, came from ancient Tolaria. Halfdane was a mentally unstable killer, responsible for the deaths of Kei Takahashi, Barktooth Warbeard, Ragnar, and (presumably) Ramirez DePietro.

History[edit | edit source]

"Halfdane" got his name from the people who found him (where they found him was never revealed). Halfdane killed them because he did not want to be the "half" of anything. When this occurred is unknown, but in the years after this, Halfdane journeyed the world, during his travels meeting the Brotherhood of Gix. This would make him over 4000 years old, for the Brotherhood left Dominaria for Phyrexia after the Brothers' War.

Eventually 'Dane was captured by Ramses Overdark, who made the shapeshifter his minion and greatly amplified his powers. During the uprising of the Edemi Islands, Halfdane was sent to Kusho to poison its manalines with black mana crystals made by Overdark.

Halfane killed Barktooth Warbeard and took his place in order to infiltrate the kentsu; however, the troops realized something had changed with their leader. They thought the old marshal was going senile. As Warbeard, 'Dane ordered Tor Wauki and Kei Takahashi on a bogus mission around the island. He then approached them as Ramirez DePietro to lure them into a false sense of security and then ambushed them with Xira Arien. In this incident, Kei was killed and Tor wounded, all part of Overdark's plan to get his revenge on Tetsuo Umezawa.

Later, Tor and Ayesha Tanaka tracked Halfdane down, seeking vengeance for Kei. They first cured the island's manalines, then fought the shapeshifter, who took the guises of both a Mold Demon and an Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore. In the end, Ayesha froze the water 'Dane was standing in, mesmerizing him with his many reflections. Then Tor cast a black-mana spell to kill him.

In-game references[edit | edit source]

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