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Origin New Capenna (plane)
Status Unknown

Halo is the magical substance that rules the criminal world in New Capenna, sought after by all for its magic-enhancing and curative qualities.[1][2]


Halo is called the last gift of the angels, before they left New Capenna.[3] The angels are said to have built New Capenna, but after its completion the demons betrayed the angels, trapping them in a kind of stasis from which they could convert the angels' bodies into Halo.[4][3] The Demon Lords used Halo to defeat the Phyrexians and then disappeared themselves.[5] Some citizens still keep faith that the angels may one day return.[4][3]

Halo is an iridescent magical substance that had been sustaining power and life within New Capenna for years. It comes in many forms, including crystals, liquids, and vapors.[1] As a solution it looks as if the cosmos had been distilled and pushed through a sieve, leaving only the base elements of existence behind in substance that is neither liquid, solid, nor gas — more like pure magic condensed.[3]

Just a taste can make a creature stronger, but too much can make them reckless. It fills the imbiber with strength, with purpose. Muscles are no longer exhausted, and senses are sharper. Most impressive is the surge of magic coursing through their body, demanding release. [3]

The Brokers believe in a so-called "Doomsday Prophecy" contained in Nido Sanctuary's vaults, which is said to foretell that when the Halo dries up, New Capenna will fail.[6][7][8] The Adversary has been hoarding Halo to make his power grab.

The Cabaretti keep the Halo flowing.[6] They found a new supply that unveiled during the annual Crescendo celebrations.

The elixir is harmful to Phyrexians; simply holding it made Urabrask wince.[9] Elspeth Tirel's new sword is Halo infused.


Part of building a world based on real-world influences is incorporating the elements you like while not incorporating the ones you don't. For Streets of New Capenna, R&D wanted a resource that the various factions could fight over, but weren't interested in it being an illicit drug, so they leaned into the fantasy element to make that substance something that enhanced magic use.[10]

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