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God of Battle
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim

Halvar is the white-aligned god of battle from Kaldheim.

Description[edit | edit source]

Halvar is the god of battle, is selfless, stalwart, unwavering, and always the most sensible person in any room.[1]

An ancient saga tells the tale of the Skoti's battle against the then reigning gods, the Einir.[2] The Skoti triumphed, thanks in part to the dwarf-crafted axe Galdrimel, which Halvar wielded to devastating effect against the Einir. The axe could sever any substance, even the Cosmos, and Halvar used it to split the elf race in half, creating the wood elves and the shadow elves.

Halvar created the legendary Sword of the Realms which, like Galdrimel, is capable of cutting through the Cosmos itself.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Halvar seems to be based on Týr, the Norse god of battle also associated with the broad sword. Like Tyr, he is also honourable and reasonable, traits that are also shared with Baldr (the god of light) which may be a secondary inspiration since he was killed by a sword rather than mistletoe in Gesta Danorum.

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