Halvor Arenson

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Halvor Arenson
Race Human
Birthplace Kjeldor, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime End of the Ice Age
Story "Feast of Kjeld" in The Duelist 5

Halvor Arenson was the priest of the Kjeldoran village of Mikkel, during the Ice Age of Dominaria. He was not old, but he looked it. Harsh storms of winter and the horrors of war had left him pale and gaunt, his hair thinning and his cheeks hollow. He was also the tutor of the orphaned Kaysa, until she took on the mantle of the Elder Druid. He seemed to be one of the few people, outside of the servants of Marit Lage, to know the existence of this mysterious being.

Feast of Kjeld[edit | edit source]

During the last years of the Ice Age, a great storm passed over the village of Mikkel, thus prohibiting its inhabitants to reache the capitol city of Krov in order to celebrate the Feast of Kjeld. Only Halvor and his protege, Kaysa, reached the local church, intending to celebrate the feast anyway.

A group of three travellers reached the church, too: Lucilde Fiksdotter, Klazina Jansdotter and Disa the Restless. Halvor offered them the bread he and Kaysa had prepared for the feast, while the three travellers recounted the horrors of their journey and how the legions of Lim-Dul seemed to be everywhere. Just as Kaysa, scared, started crying, it was knocked on the door. When Halvor opened it, he saw enter the Elder Druid Kolbjorn.

Halvor seemed to be displeased by the presence of the man, since according to him Kolbjorn had forsaken the nation of Kjeldor in order to live together with elves in Fyndhorn forest. When Kolbjorn announced that he had come to take Kaysa, who bear the mark of the Elder Druid, with him, Halvor replied that the child was a ward of the church and his protege, and that she was following the footsteps of Kjeld and not of Freyalise.

Kolbjorn answered that he would respect Halvor's wish: since the church was going to be assaulted by the villagers of Mikkel, now all undead, Halvor would be killed, and then Kolbjorn would bring Kaysa to Fyndhorn. Halvor accused Kolbjorn to had known all along that the villagers were being slaughtered without helping them, but the druid replied that he too mourned the loss of all life.

Their argument was interrupted when the door was opened again by Avram Garrison, a knight of the Order of Stromgald. He greeted Lucilde and Klazina, and the two were relieved to know that a valiant knight had arrived to help them. Avram, however, revealed to had allied himself with Lim-Dul, becoming an undead, because he thought that Kjeldorans had become unwhorty, allying themselves with elves and dwarfs.

When the hordes of the dead villagers broke in the church, Lucilde and Klazina, with the help of Disa, started to fight against them. Even Halvor fought against the dead, creating a disk of sunlight which he used to destroy the enemies. When the situation was hopless, he realized that Kolbjorn and Kaysa were chanting the song of Freyalise. With the magic of the goddess, all the undead were stripped of their unholy life, thus saving the group.

The next morning, Halvor, with eyes red from crying, announced that all the villagers of Mikkel were indeed dead. Kaysa announced to the priest that she would be heading with Kolbjorn to Fyndhorn, and Halvor, admitting the miracle he witnessed the night before, agreed to let them go. Kolbjorn looked at the priest, saying that the two of them served the same purpose, the preservation and celebration of life. Nodding, Halvor fetched more bread for Kolbjorn and his new student.

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