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Hammen, real name Hadin gar Kan, was the master fighter of the House of Oor-tael in Kush on Dominaria.[1]

Hammen was one of the few people to escape from the Night of Fire. Feeling guilty for having abandoned his master Cullinarn, he gave up his spells and chose to live in Estark as a beggar and a thief. He quickly became the head of a brotherhood of pickpockets.

Twenty years later, he became involved in the plans of Garth One-Eye, a mysterious stranger, who was determined to challenge the rule of Grand Master Zarel and the planeswalker Kuthuman. Over time, Hammen realized that Garth was in truth Galin, the son of Cullinarn, who he thought had perished during the Night of Fire. During this time, Garth referred to Hammen as "his servant", much to the latter's dismay. Hammen started helping Garth out of curiosity, but quickly became engrossed in the attempt of Garth to rebuild the honor of the Festival of Estark. He was a cynical man, who survived in the slums of Estark by robbing and stealing what he needed; still, he remained a fighter under his raggedy appearance. In order to save Garth from the wrath of Zarel and Kuthuman, Hammen volunteered to fight in the arena in his stead; he was stopped by Garth before the fight, though.

Hammen had a really lewd side: he often talked dirty to Norreen and Varena, hoping to touch them, or at least to see them naked.

After the Time of Troubles, he rebuilt the House of Oor-tael, becoming its Master. Garth and Norreen named their son after him.

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