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Race Elephant
Birthplace Tarkir
Lifetime Unknown

Hamza, Guardian of Arashin is a loxodon warrior from the original timeline on Tarkir.


In Tarkir's original timeline, the Abzan Houses were centered in the fortress city of Arashin. The city is protected by Mer-Ek fortress, where the khan of the Abzan holds court. Mer-Ek is considered impenetrable, but the Abzan know nothing is absolute. Should an enemy take Mer-Ek, nothing would stand in their way of taking Arashin. Nothing but Hamza.

Hamza was a Krumar, an orphan raised by an influential Abzan family. He was always very strong, even for a loxodon. He knew he wanted to use his strength to repay the clan that had taken him in, so he joined the city guard when he came of age. Hamza quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the most decorated guard captain in the history of Arashin. He grew to command the guard and personally ensured that Arashin remained safe until Tarkir's history was rewritten.[1]

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