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Hans Eriksson
Hans Eriksson.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Balduvia, Dominaria
Lifetime During the Ice Age

Hans Eriksson was a human scout from the Ice Age. He was the brother of Saffi Eriksdotter. One day, when he and Saffi were on guard duty, the pair was attacked by a Lhurgoyf.[1] His sister was killed in the attack, whereas Hans ran to the town to warn others. The lhurgoyf later attacked the town mead hall where the warriors gathered, but once again Hans managed to stay unharmed.[2]

Commander Legends mini-bio[]

"Life's pleasures can be found anywhere if one only has the awareness to see them. Even in Balduvia in the grip of the great Ice Age, there was beauty to be appreciated. The clear blue sky, the crunch of footsteps through freshly fallen snow, the smell of wildflowers. By maintaining a state of perfect attunement with one's senses, one could derive great enjoyment from even the smallest things. Yes, a mindful stroll with one's beloved sister, Saffi, was the perfect tonic for the petty vicissitudes that could so trouble a young man's mind." [3]

Portrayal differences[]

In Ach! Hans, Run!, Hans is described as "barely six feet tall and weighing no more than eleven stones, still too small to join the hunting parties". The art in Commander Legends offers quite a different image.

In-game references[]

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