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Hanweir, the Writhing Township.jpg
Race Eldrazi Ooze
Birthplace Nearheath, Gavony, Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

Hanweir was a village located in Nearheath and the agricultural center of Gavony on the plane of Innistrad.


Amid rising tensions in Videns parish during Avacyn's madness, The Hanweir Chronicle's editor-in-chief Oliver Hayfield documented the village's descent into paranoia.[1] To give itself greater autonomy, the village declared independence from Videns Parish and Gavony and styled itself as a new province, also named Hanweir. The town bell, Richard the Ringer, rang constantly until a new one had to be commissioned, and new walls were constructed. The town council instituted mandatory meals at the town's church asserted that nobody who entered the city could leave.

As Emrakul's influence set in, women began giving birth only to twins. Eventually, the entire town was mutated into a single Eldrazi Ooze.

Town Council[]

Hanweir was ruled by a nine-member council, who governed the city by majority vote. Around the time of the city's mutation, its membership included:

  • Head Councilman Reade
  • Councilwoman Blackwell
  • Councilwoman Larssen
  • Councilman Carl Murray
  • Councilwoman Seikes

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