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Race Human
Birthplace Yotia, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime c. 29 - 64? AR
The Brothers' War, The Gathering Dark

Harbin was the son of Urza's wife, Kayla bin-Kroog, and either Urza or his brother Mishra. Though his exact parentage has never been revealed, he was raised as Urza's son.

He first found the island of Argoth where the final battle of the Brothers' War took place. It is implied he was killed during the traumatic events of the Sylex Blast. He was also the father of Jarsyl, one of the first great mages of the Dark Age, who in turn is the ancestor of Jodah, who would be there at critical times during the Dark and in the following Ice Age. It is stated by K'rrik that Harbin ended up turning into a Phyrexian, although the truth of the matter is unclear.

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  • In Lynn Abbey's novel Planeswalker, it is said that Urza only looked upon his grandson, Jarsyl, once, and that had been once too many. It describes Jarsyl as having many similar physical characteristics of Mishra, possibly implying that he was truly Mishra's grandson.