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Plane Innistrad
Part of Nephalia

Havengul is the largest of the three cities of the Innistrad province Nephalia. It stands at the mouth of the Silburlind River.[1]


The population of Havengul consists of human craftworkers, shipbuilders, smiths, and traders. There is at least one lich living in Havengul.[2]

The Avacynian church has established a small fort here known as the Elgaud Grounds. Many Nephalians are wary of the priesthood and watch them like hawks. As long as the church brings trade to and from Thraben, they are given a pass from the key players in Nephalia. During Avacyn's madness, the Elgaud Grounds were reappropriated by the Lunarch Inquisition as an execution site.

Near the Elgaud Grounds stands the Engelturm, the former home of the Flight of Goldnight.[3]

The vampire Jeleva has an opulent mansion near Havengul and preys on its citizens.[2]

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