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Race Human
Birthplace Aysen, Ulgrotha
Lifetime Very old as of 3800 AR

Hazduhr, the Abbot of Onella also called the "Venerable Abbot", is chosen by Serra from the people of Onella, on Ulgrotha, after the old Abbot dies, and is chosen for his potential and his open mindedness. The Abbot is responsible for the spiritual and moral wellbeing of all Aysen. The last Abbot Serra chose before she left Ulgrotha was Hazduhr the Abbot.[1]

Hazduhr is now an elderly man, and is quickly growing ill in his advancing years; it is very unlikely to live more than a few seasons longer. It is feared that, when he dies, Serra will not appear to choose a successor. Nobody knows exactly what dire consequences this will cause among Aysen. Hazduhr is still capable of acting and making decisions when needed, but he surely no longer has the initiative and energy of his youth. His knowledge and insight make him an invaluable ruler, but he is rapidly becoming a symbol of the spiritual and societal bankruptcy that is growing within Aysen itself.[2]

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