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A Head is a creature class representing a head of a creature acting independently. It was introduced first in a Challenge Deck for a Hydra which has many heads and later also became an acorn type for a Zombie which can live as a head.


Heads were first referred to in the rules text of Rock Hydra from Alpha as named counters.

Heads reappeared as a creature type in the Face the Hydra Challenge Deck from the Theros block. Here they were always combined with the creature type Hydra (Hydra Head), and sometimes with the supertype Elite. All cards in the Hydra Deck, including Heads on the battlefield, are colorless and have a converted mana cost of 0. Players can't gain control of any Heads. If a Head would go to any zone other than the Hydra's graveyard, it's put into the Hydra's graveyard instead.

Head finally appeared in the silver-bordered Unstable set, on the card Skull Saucer which was a Zombie Head.