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Hell is a black-aligned plane, with connections to various other planes. Full of heat and magma, it is home to the forces of Hell: demons, devils and bogeymen.[1] It may be the same location as The Pit,[2] the Underworld[3] (not to be confused with Theros' Underworld) and/or The Abyss. Figuratively, planes like Phyrexia are sometimes compared to Hell.

Portals to Hell[]

Creatures of Hell are seen or mentioned on Dominaria and Ravnica. Innistrad has the Devils' Breach in Kessig and the Ashmouth in Stensia.[4]


Helana's visit[]

Hell was visited by the sun priest Helana and the Demonic Tutor Illith to free Helena's adopted father Koborah.[1] During the planeswalking journey (which was enabled by a "Sun-Stone") she picked up so much black magic that she went over from worshiping the Sun to worshiping Gohrah, the dark side of the moon. After freeing Koborah and returning home, Helana had to give up her priesthood and to leave the parish.

Asmor's service[]

Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar, or Asmor for short, was a female wizard who summoned a Lord of the Pit named Vincent but ran out of stuff to feed it.[3] Being a great cook, she escaped being eaten herself by entering into his service in the Underworld as a chef for seven years and seven days.

Known inhabitants[]

In-game references[]

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