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Helligan was a member of the Wojek League, He was a labmage and a chief of Tenth Leaguehall mortuary. He was extremely skilled in postmortem analysis.

He was present there when Saint Bayul's hibernating body was brought. He broke several scalpels when trying to make a necroscopy. Bayul told him to bring Fonn, and that she is to be found in Agrus Kos' company. He also analyzed the dead lupul that remained in the mortuary after the destruciton of false Phaskin. After the Decamillennial, Helligan wanted to send the body of a victim of the first crime, a girl named Luda, to the crematorium. However, the girl was a lupul in disguise. The lupul consumed Helligan and took his form.

Helligan was still seen working in the Tenth Leaguehall mortuary in 10012 Z.C.