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This page lists common templates for producing standardized citations, flagging articles for maintenance, and other common wiki tasks. Their most common uses are listed here, and some have further functionality listed on their own pages.

Some frequently used templates that do not need parameters are listed in Help:Cheatsheet.

Referencing templates[]

Referencing and standardized referencing are important. As such, please use these templates.

When using these templates, please ensure that the link to the article is faithful and correct; that all relevant parameters are filled-in; and the date is the date of publication, not the date of access. To avoid ambiguity between date formats, please write out the full year and the name of the month.

Official Wizards Website: DailyRef[]

{{DailyRef}} should be used for articles on (previously known as, or "The Mothership"). It should only be used for articles: it will not produce a functional link for other pages (such as product pages or more obscure content).

{{DailyRef|The part of the URL following|Title|Author(s)|Date}}

Tumblr: TumblrRef[]

{{TumblrRef}} can handle links to any Tumblr blog. See also EzTumblr below

{{TumblrRef|author=...|url=http://...|title=title of the thread|tumblr=the title of the Tumblr|date=date of creation}}

Short format: EzTumblr[]

For the most frequently cited Tumblrs, {{EzTumblr}} can automatically fill the author, tumblr, and (optionally) title fields of TumblrRef. You still need to provide the full URL and date.


Drive to Work: DriveRef[]

{{DriveRef}} standardizes links to Mark Rosewater's Drive to Work podcast. If available, it accepts a partial URL for a transcript as its final parameter.

{{DriveRef|The part of the URL following|episode number|episode title|transcript URL following (if available)}}

General: WebRef[]

{{WebRef}} standardizes links in general.

{{WebRef|author=...|url=http://...|title=title of the webpage|date=date of creation|publisher=...}}






Fact — Fact, or "Fact"?[]

Use {{fact}} if a certain fact need citation.

Delete — Proposed article for deletion[]




Dead Link[]

Use {{dead link}} to denote a link that is dead, doesn't have an archived version (e.g. via, and needs replacement.



{{Cquote}} places the provided quote in an HTML <blockquote> element. This is for presentation only; it does not constitute a citation. {{Cquote|Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.}}

“  Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.  ”

TOCleft and TOCright[]

{{TOCleft}} and {{TOCright}} force a table of contents (which can be "forced" by entering __TOC__ anywhere in an article; it appear roughly in the same area as it is entered) to appear, aligned left and right respectively.

MTG product templates[]


{{Deckpage}} e.g. {{Deckpage|lorwyn|4|Lorwyn|Merrow Riverways}}

Lorwyn Theme Deck: Merrow RiverwaysWizards of the Coast


{{Decks}}, see template page for detailed explanation