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Hero's Reward
Ability Word
Introduced Face the Hydra
Last Used Defeat a God
Typical Text Hero's reward — When ~ leaves the battlefield, ...
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oracle:"Hero's Reward"

Hero's Reward is an ability word that is found in the Theros block Challenge Decks. It is not legal in regular Magic.

A Hero's Reward offers a boon when the card leaves the battlefield or when it is put into the graveyard from anywhere.


Example 1

Snapping Fang Head
Elite Creature — Head
At the beginning of the Hydra's end step, Snapping Fang Head deals 1 damage to each player
Hero's Reward — When Snapping Fang Head leaves the battlefield, each player gains 4 life and draws a card.

Example 2

Altar of Mogis
At the beginning of the Horde's precombat main phase, reveal an additional card from the top of the Horde’s library. The Horde casts that card.
Hero's Reward — When Altar of Mogis is put into a graveyard from anywhere, the Horde sacrifices two Minotaurs.

Example 3

Maddened Oread
Enchantment Creature — Nymph Reveler
As long as five or more Revelers are on the battlefield, Maddened Oread attacks each turn if able.
Hero's Reward — When Maddened Oread leaves the battlefield, each player gains 3 life.