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Hero is a card type that was introduced as part of the Hero's Path of the Theros block. It isn't featured in the comprehensive rules. Hero is a permanent type and heroes normally only exist on the battlefield. [1]

Description[ | ]

Hero cards are physical cards that have Magic-like abilities, but aren't playable as regular Magic cards.[2] They are not for use in tournament decks but instead are awarded to players for completing quests along the Hero's Path. They'll use them to defeat later quests. Each card is double-faced, one side features game mechanics. The other side features a code redeemable for a unique Planeswalker Points achievement on and a few notes about the quest.

Players gained hero cards in their prerelease packs, at the Friday Night Magic Release Weekends and at Game Days. Hero cards act like a vanguard or emblem (except they are permanents and start the game on the battlefield rather than in the command zone) while playing against the Challenge Deck during Game Day. The hero cards do not have Magic backs and do not go into the player's regular deck.

Journey into Nyx featured hero equipment cards. During the prerelease, players had the opportunity to win three mystical components, represented by reward stickers. These in turn gave access to an "enhancement sticker" which could be used to upgrade the hero equipment card, thus forging one the most powerful weapons on Theros: a customized Godslayer.

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References[ | ]

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