Hidden Agenda
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Category for Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is a keyword ability.


Comprehensive Rules

702.105. Hidden Agenda

  • 702.105a Hidden agenda is a static ability that functions as a conspiracy card with hidden agenda is put into the command zone. “Hidden agenda” means “As you put this conspiracy card into the command zone, turn it face down and secretly name a card.”
  • 702.105b To secretly name a card, note that name on a piece of paper kept with the face-down conspiracy card.
  • 702.105c Any time you have priority, you may turn a face-down conspiracy card you control in the command zone face up. This is a special action. Doing so will reveal the chosen name. See rule 115.2g.
  • 702.105d Hidden agenda and another ability of the object with hidden agenda that refers to “the chosen name” are linked. The second ability refers only to the card name chosen as a result of that object’s hidden agenda ability. See rule 607.2d.
  • 702.105e If a player leaves the game, all face-down conspiracy cards controlled by that player must be revealed to all players. At the end of each game, all face-down conspiracy cards must be revealed to all players.