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Type Activated
Introduced Unreleased mechanics
Last Used Unreleased mechanics
Reminder Text Hieroglyphics (You may pay {2} and exile this card to draw a card.)
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Hieroglyphics was a mana-smoothing mechanic designed for Amonkhet. It was never released.

Around the same time that the hieroglyphics mechanic was created by the Design team, the Development team created the similar investigate mechanic for Shadows over Innistrad. Because the two sets would be in Standard at the same time, releasing both mechanics was seen as nonsensical. Since Shadows over Innistrad was closer to release and more urgently in need of a mechanic, investigate remained in that set, and hieroglyphics never proceeded past the design phase.


Mark Rosewater created this mechanic when designing top down for the Egyptian-themed set, Amonkhet. Hieroglyphics were designed to reflect something that might be found in an archaeological dig, as an example of an item that could be learned from once dug out of the grave.

In discussing the mechanic, Rosewater supplied the reminder text, "(You may pay {2} and exile this card to draw a card.)"[1] Hieroglyphics were to be played from the graveyard.[2]



Blue God Sends You Away {1}{U}
Return target creature to its owner's hand.
Hieroglyphics (You may pay {2} and exile this card to draw a card.)