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High Flying
Introduced Mirage
Last Used Innistrad: Crimson Vow
36 cards
{U} 83.3% {B} 5.6% {R} 2.8% {G} 5.6% {W/U} 2.8%
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oracle:"High Flying"

High flying is a slang term used to describe the combination of flying with the drawback of only being able to block other creatures with flying.[1]


While the term is in use both among players and R&D, the combination is not keyworded, and is not expected to become so.[2][3] It is primary in blue.[4]

The blocking restriction was first printed on Mirage's Chaosphere, a world enchantment that restricted all flying creatures to high flying instead. The first creatures printed with the downside were released in Portal and Weatherlight. Because it combines an evasion ability with a matching blocking restriction, it is functionally similar to shadow, and creatures with high flying generally cost less than a creature with only flying.



High reach[]

One card does not have flying but has reach instead.