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Race Spirit
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime unknown

Hikari (Japanese: () () () ) was a kami from Kamigawa, the guardian of the border between day and night.

Konda sent an army of two hundred men against the kami, at sundown; after the battle with Hikari, only forty-seven were able to retreat to Eiganjo. Konda learned that day to never send his samurai to fight at dusk.

After the routing of the samurai by Hikari, rumors started to spread about the kami who resembled a vast, monstrous samurai. Perhaps it was the spirit of one of Konda's own samurai buke, the nobles, seeking revenge for dishonor. Perhaps the kami took the form of a samurai only to mock Konda. Others even believed that Hikari was the kami of Konda's own sanity, flickering in and out of the material world.[1]

In-game reference[]

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