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Hofri Ghostforge
Race Dwarf
Birthplace Arcavios
Lifetime Mending Era

Hofri Ghostforge is a dwarf cleric professor at the Lorehold College of Strixhaven University on Arcavios.


Lorehold battle mediums can call upon spirits and turn them into hardy soldiers by housing the spirits in statues depicting their living selves. If no statue is available, the average medium is unable to physically manifest the spirit. Hofri is no average medium.

When Hofri first enrolled in Strixhaven, he believed his future lay with Prismari. A diligent student, he quickly mastered the technical skills, but his magic left something to be desired. After talking with the school's counselor, Mavinda, Hofri decided to try his luck with Lorehold. It turned out he was a natural with spirit magic, a true Lorehold through and through.

His time at Prismari was hardly wasted, however. Combining his artistic skill with his keen spiritual sense, Hofri was able to visualize a spirit's mortal appearance and construct a viable statue form for them to inhabit. No one in Lorehold's history was able to create a spirit statue from scratch, and Hofri was offered a professorial position after graduation, which he happily accepted.[1]

Hofri was the leader of the archaeological excavations near Strixhaven where Quintorius Kand was an assistant. While speaking with the young loxodon, Hofri mentions that he could not tell mauve from turquoise, possibly implying that his difficulties in Prismari were at least partially caused by colorblindness.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Mentor Reinhardt Suarez 2021-04-16 Strixhaven: School of Mages Arcavios Quintorius Kand, Asterion, Hofri

In-game references[]

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