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The Happy Holidays cards are holiday-themed fun acorn cards in foil. Wizards of the Coast gives these out annually at their Holiday party. People who have been given these cards include members of Wizards' internal teams as well as business partners.

Year Holiday card Notes
2006 Fruitcake Elemental First Holiday card.[1] A play on the many Elementals in the game. Fruitcakes are typically served while celebrating Christmas.
2007 Gifts Given Inspired by Gifts Ungiven.[2][3][4]
2008 Evil Presents A play on Evil Presence.[5]
2009 Season's Beatings Play on Season's greetings.[6]
2010 Snow Mercy Inspired by No Mercy.[7][4]
2011 Yule Ooze Referring to the English American usage of Yule for Christmas, and sounding like the expression "you'll lose."[8][4]
2012 Naughty/Nice Inspired by Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town.[9]
2013 Stocking Tiger Inspired by Stalking Tiger and Christmas stockings.[10][4]
2014 Mishra's Toy Workshop Inspired by Mishra's Workshop.[11]
2015 Goblin Sleigh Ride Play on Sleigh Rides and Goblin Roughrider.[12]
2016 Thopter Pie Network Inspired by Thopter Spy Network.[13]
2017 Some Disassembly Required A play on the fact that for many Christmas gifts, some assembly is required.[14]
2018 Bog Humbugs A reference to A Christmas Carol. The notes are from Jingle Bells.[15][16]
2019 Decorated Knight A play of a decorated Christmas night.[17]
2020 Topdeck the Halls Play on Topdeck and Deck the Halls. Art inspired by Dream Halls[18][19]
2021 Last Minute Chopping Play on the yearly ritual of holiday shopping.[20]
2022 Chaos Wrap Play on Chaos Warp and gift-Wrapping.[21] First-holiday card to switch from the traditional silver border to the new acorn stamp format with black borders.
2023 Seasonal Sequels Depicts Fblthp. Draws on Christmas movies, parodying Home Alone, Die Hard, Elf, Eight Crazy Nights, Holiday Inn and Gremlins.[22]

One promotional card from 2021, Treasure, is also categorized as a holiday card. Unlike the other holiday cards, this is a "reprint" new-art token card made of gold-colored metal, with no card frame borders or stamp. It was distributed to customers as a promotion for the APAC region.[23]

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