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A holofoil stamp or security stamp is a small holofoil sticker in the bottom center of Magic: The Gathering rares, mythic rares, and promotional cards.

Magic 2015 card frame with oval holofoil stamp

Holofoil stamp close up

Triangular holofoil stamp

Acorn-shaped holofoil stamp


Silver oval[]

Silver oval holofoil stamps were introduced in the Magic 2015 set. This was done to make those cards feel more special, as well as to guarantee authenticity.[1] As such, it makes counterfeiting more difficult. Normal commons, uncommon cards, and basic lands do not feature this security stamp, except for basic lands from Unstable.

Gold oval[]

Cards from the Amonkhet Invocations set have a gold holofoil stamp.

Silver circle[]

Cards from the Signature Spellbook sets have circle-shaped holofoil stamps.

Silver heart[]

Cards from the Ponies: The Galloping set have a heart-shaped holofoil stamp.

Silver triangle[]

Non-canon cards feature a triangular holofoil stamp. These were intoduced in 2020.[2]

Silver acorn[]

Acorn security stamps were introduced in 2021 for Unfinity, to replace silver borders.[3] On common and uncommons the acorn stamp is printed on the card rather than embossed.

MTG Arena[]

Early Alchemy card stamp

Revised Alchemy card stamp

The first Alchemy cards on MTG Arena featured the MTG Arena "A" as a "foil stamp". This later became a redesigned Alchemy "A".


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