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Honor Bound
Publication information
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication period April 23 - May 7, 2009
URL Honor Bound
Creative team
Writer(s) Jenna Helland, Brady Dommermuth, Doug Beyer
Art director Jeremy Jarvis
Illustrator(s) Nils Hamm
Letterer(s) Jino Choi
Preceded By
Followed By
Gathering Forces

Honor Bound is a webcomic about Elspeth Tirel and her squire Aran. It was originally published in three parts in April and May 2009.

Part 1[]

Elspeth introduces herself as a Knight of Bant. She admits that when the people of Bant would know of her abilities that they would think of her as an angel. However, she doesn't trust her "gift" and prefers to earn her place in the heavens by behaving like a knight.

Hearing rumors and frightening tales of invading monsters, and fearing that Ajani's tales about the Conflux are becoming true, Elspeth decides to investigate. Her squire Aran announces that he wants to accompany her to Akrasa. Although Elspeth thinks it would be better for Aran to remain behind and continue his education, she is glad for his company because she doesn't want to be alone. When Aran later questions the urgency that Elspeth feels, the planeswalker remembers her youth as a prisoner along with many other beings, locked tightly away and tortured by Phyrexians.

Arriving at a Rhox monastery near Fort Dawnray, they find blood splattered on the door. Aran first believes that bandits were the cause of this, but Elspeth discovers that a monk had killed his brethren in the night. The boy proves his innate goodness by asking the angels to cleanse the monk's soul. Elspeth argues that not everyone is worth saving, and questions the worthiness of her own rescue when her planeswalker's spark ignited as she was about to be sacrificed by the Phyrexians.

After entering the monastery they find a Grixis incursion zone and are attacked by zombies.

Part 2[]

Elspeth remembers one time years ago, just after Aran's parents had died, when she and Aran had witnessed the passing of a flying cathedral of the angels. It was a glimpse of perfection. Elspeth had felt that she had waited all her life to see something so profoundly beautiful. But she had also felt nostalgic, for a present that would never last. The third emotion she had felt was fear, fear that her soul would be torn open and that all good within her would bleed away and that even the angels wouldn't be enough to protect the people of Bant. That was the singular moment that Elspeth vowed to never leave Bant and to protect it at all costs.

In the hear and now, Aran and Elspeth have defeated the zombies, witness the arrival of scouting flocks of Kathari, and are attacked by a demon. Elspeth is able to defeat the demon, but only by revealing her planeswalker power, beyond what Aran is used to. He questions her, but she unwilling to explain her powers. Pursued by the Grixis hordes they flee home. Elspeth rallies the troops of the castle and leads them in their defense. Despite their valiant efforts, the defenders are unable to hold the line. Elspeth tries to protect Aran from an attacker but is unable to prevent him from getting mortally wounded.

Amidst desolation, Elspeth grieves for her squire and thinks back to that moment when they had witnessed the flying cathedral of angels.

Part 3[]

Angry and remorseful redoubles her efforts to strengthen the defense of the castle. She feels shame that her wish to deny her planeswalker powers has brought terrible consequences. Because her inaction has cost Aran his life, she decides to correct her error no matter the cost. Calling upon her true power, Elspeth casts a terrible spell that destroys the enemy army.

Knowing that she has won the battle, but not the war, Elspeth feels the destruction of the castle is the aftermath of her selfishness. All she wanted was to be a normal knight of Bant, but she now knows she can never be. She feels burdened by the stares, the accusations, and the expectations of the people. She visits Aran, who unexplainedly has healed from his mortal wound. The healers are unaware that Elspeth has strengthened their efforts. Aran pleads her to stay and lead the war, certain that she will do the honorable thing.

Knowing that the borders of Bant were the walls that kept her own monsters and nightmares at bay, Elspeth knows she must embrace her planeswalker status abilities to fight the evil behind the Grixis incursion. She abandons Bant with pain in her heart.

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