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The House of Fentesk is one of the five Houses in Kush, on Dominaria.

Its color is Orange: presumably its fighters prefer {W}{R} based spells (but use other colors, too). Before the Time of Troubles, the building of Fentesk was a heavy, squat structure with massive pillars lining its front, with four great banners of solid orange fluttering at the four corners.[1]

Master of House Fentesk[]

Other Fighters of House Fentesk[]

  • Alinar: a fighter who was paired against Ogla of Bolk in the arena.
  • Haglin: a fighter who was paired against Erwina of Bolk in the arena.
  • Josega: he was attacked by Garth in order to cause a commotion between Houses.
  • Okmark: he died in an illegal street-duel with Garth One-eye.
  • Petrakov: a merciless fighter, who killed both Farnin of Bolk and Farnin's lover.
  • Varena