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The House of Ingkara is one of the Houses guilding wizards in Kush, on Dominaria.

Its color is Purple: presumably its fighters prefer {U}{R} based spells (but use other colors, too). Before the Time of Troubles, the building of Ingkara was a heavy, squat structure with massive pillars lining its front; a great arched entryway, from which a purple banner hung, relieved the tedium of pillars.[1]

Master of House Ingkara[]

Other Fighters of House Ingkara[]

  • Balzark: he reported Garth's victory over Naru to Jimak.
  • Gilganorin: a fighter who battled Garth in the Arena. He was killed by Kuthuman after his surrender.
  • Igun: he fought against Garth in a death match, and was eaten by a Craw Wurm
  • Jolina: a fighter who was paired against Azemaof Kestha in a death match.
  • Mina: a legendary fighter whose feet were bitten off by gnomes, while he was unconscious.
  • Ulin: he was very fast at gathering mana. He was killed by Garth in a death match.
  • Silmar: he wasn't a true Ingkara fighter, but a captain from Tantium planted there by Zarel Ewine, in the hope of killing Garth. He was killed by a Lord of the Pit.