House of Oor-tael

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The House of Oor-tael was the most powerful of all five Houses in Kush, on Dominaria.

Its color was Turquoise: their fighters specialized in {U}{G} based spells, though not exclusively. Fighters of that House were obligated to give part of their time in service to those not of the merchant and noble classes. They had to go on pilgrimage, to wander as part of their journeyman and master's training, and help the poor with their skills. Even after obtaining the highest rank, every third year they were expected to do this. It was destroyed during the Night of Fire. It was recreated after the Time of Troubles.[1]

Masters of House Oor-tael[edit | edit source]

Other Wizards of House Oor-tael[edit | edit source]

  • Galin (Garth)
  • Uriah Aswark: he was a cowardish hunchback, who betrayed Oor-Tael bought by the false promises of power of Zarel, which then appointed him as puppet captain of his fighters. He redeemed himself saving Garth's life, before being killed by Zarel himself.

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