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Hungry Mist
Race Elemental
Birthplace Ulgrotha

The Hungry Mist is an elemental from Ulgrotha. The name was coined by the first pioneers from Onella to build home close to the Great Wood.[1]


A silent, drifting predator that consumes livestock and dogs in a matter of seconds, the Hungry Mist is one of the most vicious creatures within the Wood. It was given life and hunger by the Autumn Willow, in order to patrol the forest and protect it by the trespassing of goblins from the Koskun Mountains.[2] Many of the An-Havva citizens don't let their children out at night, because it is when the Mist is best concealed. It hates sunlight and bonfires, but a torch or lantern attracts them in droves, not deterring them in the least from attacking their prey.[3]

In-game references[]

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