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Hurloon is a mountainous region north of Llanowar and east of Benalia on Aerona (Dominaria).[1]

The Hurloon Mountains, part of the metal rich Red Iron Mountains are mostly known for its habitation by hairy tattooed minotaurs. These minotaurs had arrived in North Aerona centuries ago, after being forced from their homelands by the encroaching glaciers.[2] They had travelled south until they encountered the impassable mountain chain where they took shelter in the caves. They live in small tribes, the largest of which lives in the fertile Hurloon Valley.[2][3]

Torsten von Ursus's belief that these minotaurs were more than savage beasts was revolutionary at his time (and still is among the less educated). Von Ursus studied minotaur philosophy in the Hurloon Mountains for several years.[4] The Dwarven Hold is also somewhere in the Hurloon Mountains, and contained a considerable store of red mana.

The Hurloon minotaurs were devastated by the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria,[5] but some still remain.[6]

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